MPLS/St. Paul International Film Festival

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MPLS/St. Paul International Film Festival
The largest annual film event in the Upper Midwest returns…
2012 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival Set for April 12 – May 3, 2012
**These Japanese films will be playing as part of the International Film Festival.
The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul announces the 2012 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, returning to the five screens of the St. Anthony Main Theatre April 12 through May 3. The program of this exciting three-week celebration of independent filmmaking from around the globe will include some 250 documentary, narrative, and short films from more than 60 countries. Numerous international filmmakers and celebrities will attend, and the Festival will host a variety of gala events, parties, and receptions.
The Festival lineup includes a Spotlight on the Middle East highlighting the current rich mix of films coming out of Israel, many Arab countries including those in North Africa, and Turkey, long known as the gateway from East to West – curated by Alissa Simon Senior Programmer at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Also included is the always highly anticipated MINNESOTA-Made Showcase returning with great offerings from our own back yard – curated by Tom DeBiaso Professor of Media Arts at MCAD.
In addition, and in recognition of the 50th anniversary of The Film Society this year, Festival fare will include a retrospective highlighting favorite films from the last half-century, and a look forward to the next 50 years of innovative Film Society programming.
Japanese Films:
Kiyumi’s Poetry and Sayuru’s Embroidery

Japan Satoru Sugita 30 Nar 2011
Japanese with English subtitles
04/28/12 5:00 時から開催します。
05/03/12 2:15 PM Kiyumi says that for her, writing poems is like placing fallen leaves on withered branches. Every time Kiyumi writes a poem, her friend Sayuru embroiders one leaf on a book cover that she will use for Kiyumi’s book of poetry.


Japan Naoko Ogigami 110 Nar 2012
Japanese with English subtitles
04/27/12 7:30 時から開催します。
04/29/12 9:20 時から開催します。
Rent-a-Cat tells the quirky story of a lonely woman who rents cats to others who are in temporary need of an emotional lift. Sayoko walks up and down the city streets with a cart full of cats and a megaphone shouting “Cats for rent!” While Sayoko’s able to help her customers fill that emotional void, she still longs for a more meaningful relationship than the one she has with her hoard of cats, filling all the empty space in her apartment. The cute, sweet Sayoko and the film’s unconventional sense of humor are the highlights of this Japanese comedy.

Naoko Ogigami has directed five films prior to Rent-a-Cat, including 2007’s Glasses, which screened at both the Berlin International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. Rent-a-Cat premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.
Other Asian Films:


April 15th @ 9:45pm
April 18th @ 9:45pm

Guilt Trip (A Short Narrative)

April 28th @ 5:00pm
May 3rd @ 2:15


May 1st @ 4:30pm

Prices Vary.

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