Nichibei Lecture Series: March 26th at Gray Plant Mooty

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Nichibei Lecture Series: March 26th at Gray Plant Mooty

Nichibei Lecture Series

Thurday, March 26th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Gray Plant Mooty

500 IDS Center

80 South 8th Street

Minnapolis, MN 55402


The next Nichibei Lecture Series will take place on Thursday, 3月 26th.

Please join David Smith and Michael Nilan as they lead an interesting discussion on the medical device and other health-care related industries as they relate to U.S./Japan relationship.

Strengthening Japan’s domestic medical device industry has been one of the Japanese government’s important goals, and Minnesota has been a key place of interest for Japan due to our strong medical device community and ecosystem.

Both David and Michael have spent their careers travelling to and working with Japan, and look forward to discussing some of their observations on business culture and practices between the U.S., Japan, and other parts of Asia. We hope that the presentation will lead to discussion and comments from attendees as we cover a number of interesting topics.

David and Michael will give their presentation in a mix of Japanese and English, and look forward to seeing you there.








David Smith

David Smith is V.P. Market Development, St. Jude Medical Japan, and has recently moved back to Japan from Minnesota.


St. Judeメディカル、マーケティング開発部、V.P.



Michael Nilan

Michael Nilan is General-Manager Asia-Pacific for Microbiologics, Inc.


Microbiologics Inc.、アジアーパシフィク、ゼネラルマネージャー


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