Special Projects

Grant Writers

JASM events are not possible without the help of sponsors, members and volunteers.  One of the first steps to creating or funding an event is seeking grants to help put on the event in the first place!  We are looking for volunteers to apply for grants in arts and culture programming.  If you are interested, please contact JASM at jasm@us-japan.org or call 612.627.9357.

Computer Donations

We are currently seeking computer donations for the JASM office.  We are looking for the following:

  • Computers running Windows XP or Mac OS X
  • External back up drives
  • Computer mice
  • Parts such as RAM or processors are also welcome, depending upon compatibility

If you would like to donate a computer to us, please include driver discs or operating system installation CDs. There is no need to clean the computer up or remove installed software – will take care of that for you! Donations are tax deductible. Please contact JASM at jasm@us-japan.org or call 612.627.9357.